About Us

Shutter Tech is a renowned designer, installer and repairer of door systems, such as commercial roller shutters and high-speed roller doors. We take pleasure in being customer-focused and forward-thinking.

Shutter Tech installs shutters for a variety of applications, including interfacing with conveyor belt systems, machine guards, and other situations needing automatic action, speed, and protection.

When opened, our garage doors do not swing out beyond the frame. They are made of high-quality aluminium, and provide you the freedom to express yourself.

Your vehicle is always safe, and you gain more room inside and outside your garage. Whether it’s very low ceiling heights or very big garage entrances, our garage door systems are always smooth and simple to operate.

Electric roller shutter doors designed for you

  • Various slat and finish style combinations available.
  • Multiple perforation and fenestration options allow for many configurations with the right amount of light and air passage.
  • Versatile and attractive, the shutter is perfect for security in high pedestrian traffic areas.
  • Heavily visited areas such as retail stores, pharmacies and hospitals often need the security that a security shutter door offers as well as the flexibility in the aesthetic options to match the surrounding environment.
  • Comfortable, durable space-saving marvels.
  • Controlling the amount of light that comes in, as well as privacy and sun protection.

The Best Quality shutter Store In Town

Our team of professionals is here to produce the best quality rolling doors and shutters that are reliable and safe while also being aesthetically acceptable to the project’s design, whether it’s for a commercial, retail, residential, or storage purpose.

Shutter Tech also strives to add value to our clients by offering new slat materials, accessories, and roll shutter and roll door applications. We collaborate closely with our vendor partners to deliver value-added innovation.

While producing solutions that perform as intended and look amazing, our entire team cherishes our clients and the relationships we build with them.